That’s just my secret cryptophilosophy. As it later turned out on an identity parade it was none of a big deal. ‘That’s a holism in its purest form,’ said OLA P.

But after all it’s a part of me to some extent, isn’t it? There’s not much left to do nowadays as it’s hard to find an empty place.I’m sniffing radish sauce and straining it off through my nostrils. Meanwhile…

Flucturulugation of the cosmos pierces my body and pours out of me as the 4 galaxies. The galaxies that I admire, investige Music, lyrics, film and graphics are all my true passions.

The head in the Ministry of Nonsense of the outer space – Mr. George Throttlegland during the process of creation of my dismal persona must have aimed to achieve a kind of a hybrid, an unique crossbreed. He equipped me with purple d1, d2 and d3 transmitters along with nm1, nm2, nm3 and nm4 sultriness-sensors. He must have been really absent, probably thinking about his last meal, as he suddenly burst out laughing at passing leopards. No one actually knows where they came from heading for an unknown destination. Or maybe it was just a delusion. None the less, Mr. Throttle was apt enough to forget to equip me with the d4 transmitter, which later proved to be pernicious for all mankind. As the result of the above, I was then inoculated into my mother’s womb. In short, this is the way I came to land on the planet called ‘Earth.’

Today I stand here before you all telling you my story by means of music, lyrics, film and graphics. To be honest my painting achievements are mediocre, but I just don’t care. Each galaxy consists of numerous tricks, wiles and cheats. The latter combined together constitute such a powerful and overwhelming message that makes people sigh in admiration ‘Ouch! Great! Gosh…!’

I called it ‘ the galaxies’ although each of the fields of expression is quadribillion times more powerful than the biggest galaxies one will ever know. Unfortunately, people know nothing larger than a galaxy and that is why I chose it. Besides, the art remains the greatest unsolved mystery of human nature – just like the galaxies…

As I already mentioned, the process of creation of sophisticated, intricate conceptual works is utterly unprofitable and useless. Especially in today’s hopelessly temporary world of commercial crap. Innocuous, nice and easily digestible songs make fell sick… These are the characteristics I seek when I’m at my mother’s birthday party. The Art should be metaphysical. And here I am. How many times have I promised myself to drop my inner desires and to write radio-friendly pieces to earn a living? But as always I let my imagination free and end up starving at my studio… What sort of a loser am I?

Time and again I have learnt that what I do cannot be evaluated by means of sense or profitability. Take Kayax releasing company. I took me a whole year to produce a sick theatre spectacle, which proved disastrous for the company. Instead of playing gigs, I focused on a absurd project that was bound to be a failure. Not mentioning 10 clips I once recorded to promote one LP. It later turned out that no TV station wanted to play them. All I can say now is ‘I’m sorry.’ I just felt like doing it. A momentary bizarre need.

But fortunately there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – I’ve recently noticed people start to catch up my sick ideas, they start to seek good music… Good luck.

As long as I live I will not give up my crazy ideas. There are still great projects waiting for me somewhere in the future. I’m not going anywhere!